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Frequently asked questions

Why can I only have 3 beers?
In the state of Montana, breweries are only permitted to serve each guest 48oz of beer per day. 
Do you sell other beer/wine/liquor or non alcoholic beer?
We only sell MAP beers in the tasting room. We do not have a wine, or liquor license, so we are not permitted to sell any other alcohol besides the beer we make in the brewery. We do not offer any non alcoholic beer options but we do have a variety on non alcoholic soft drinks, kombuchas, sparkling water and more. 
Are you dog friendly?
No dogs allowed. As much as we love our furry friends, dogs are NOT permitted inside the brewery or out on the patio, with the exception of ADA certified service animals (credentials required). 
Are you hiring?
To be considered for hire at MAP, please stop by the taproom with your resume and ask to speak with a manager.
Do you offer food out on the patio?
Our patio is an open seating, self service, beer garden. We have a limited "patio snacks" menu for food out on the patio. All food and beer must be ordered at the bar inside. 


We are dedicated to and proud of our community, and work hard to make it a better place.
We care for ourselves, our teammates, and our guests by ensuring a safe and welcoming environment.
We work together to achieve greatness by striving towards a culture of supportive, communicative, high functioning team members.  
We elevate ourselves, our customers, our teammates, and our company through positivity, graciousness, and an ongoing growth mindset.  
We operate with honesty and personal accountability, taking ownership over doing what's right and holding ourselves to high standards, enabling us to leave each day proud of our work.  
We embrace the adventure, both at work and outside of it.  
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