Doug got hooked on craft beer courtesy of 70 cent Shiner Bock in 1988 when he was tending bar in College Station, Texas.


     He got hooked on Montana when he move to Bozeman in 1992. Sometime between working for the then-only brewery in Bozeman, Spanish Peaks, and Hell Roaring Homebrew, “hooked on” craft beer became an obsession with the craft of brewing.

medals at the Montana Homebrewer’s Association Annual Convention, also winning silver in the coveted “Best in Show.”


     Spend some time with Doug and you’ll notice his expansive knowledge base regarding all things craft beer. More than that, he’s got an intense curiosity and almost unnatural attention to detail. No matter how awesome his beer tastes, he’s driven to find a way to raise the bar, again and again.


     Those are good qualities to have in a head brewer, and MAP is lucky to have him crafting our beers. Doug indulges in the Montana lifestyle alongside his charming wife, Kendall, and their two little ladies.

     Doug’s growing fascination took him to the oldest brewing school in the U.S. As a Siebel Institute graduate, he worked as Assistant Brewer at the Flying Pig Brewery in Seattle, Washington. After only six short months, his creative recipes and eye for brewing nuances landed him the head brewer seat.

    He eventually returned to Bozeman and in 2014, took home three gold




     For Patrick, craft beer is a family affair. While living in Bozeman in 1993, Patrick and his older brother, a brew master, started dreaming of opening a brewery. Within three years, the whole family—Patrick, his parents and two brothers—were all-in! The Wild Onion Brewing Company was born. Patrick moved back to Chicago to build the families’ first microbrewery. 


     Classic brew houses were in short supply in 1996 so they used refurbished dairy equipment as tanks and cheese vats as fermenters. Today, the beloved brewery distributes across the Midwest.


     As the Wild Onion picked up speed, Patrick began working for Allied Beverage Group. He set up breweries in the San Juan Islands, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and across the U.S.

     Like anyone who’s lived in Bozeman once, Patrick returned. In 2000, he came back for the Montana lifestyle. For the love of adventure. For the experience that is simultaneously wholly universal and wholly unique.


     While the idea for MAP Brewing Company may have hatched from brotherly conversations in 1993, today it’s Patrick’s dedication that breathes life into MAP’s walls. His unwavering energy and pure obsession with creating the best possible experience motivates all of us at Map Brewing to create quality beer, the best place to enjoy it, for the best community around.


     When he’s out of the office, he’s staying busy with his feisty wife, Kirsten “Monkey Wrench” Kainz and their four daughters.











     It’s no surprise Dash, who studied cartography in college, was drawn to building MAP. In his late teens, Dash landed in Montana for sixty days—thirty on a ranch and thirty in the backcountry of the Swan Range and the Bob Marshall Wilderness. The experience tethered his heart to Montana. 


     In 1993, Dash came west once again—this time to work for the summer in the park near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A buddy visited him bearing gifts of several different micro beers. This was his first taste of craft beer and he spent the rest of the summer becoming acquainted with Jackson’s brews.

     Dash came back to Montana again in 1997, intending to stay another summer but ended up moving to Bozeman. He worked as a leader for a wilderness therapy program before becoming a nurse. 

     When Dash met Patrick while playing hockey, he was immediately drawn to the idea of building a brewery. Having dabbled in home brewing and become a connoisseur of local tasting rooms, Dash had a vision that closely aligned with Patrick’s: a brewery “experience” – an atmosphere that real people find inviting, where good music is easy to find, and quality beer drips from the taps.

     Lucky for us, Dash has a knack for creating an atmosphere people enjoy. He’s our ever-present ambassador, brimming with creativity and contagious excitement. Rumor has it that Dash may have a super power—creating rainbows. Which, of course, his two daughters adore and his ever-supportive wife, Deb, finds entertaining.

He was a featured brewery expert for Craft Conscious in 2015, their first-ever non-

brewer/non-owner expert featured. Howie’s industry experience is only half the package. His genuine love of the brother/sisterhood in the craft beer industry, the community it creates, and the communities across Montana it serves is infectious.


     See him at a brewfest or at a local bar and you’ll find yourself tasting a style of beer you hadn’t considered before, learning about craft beer, and belly-laughing the whole time. When you aren’t getting beer recommendations from him, Howie and his wife, Liz, are probably at a trailhead somewhere in this great state of Montana.

     Howie came to Montana in August of 1995. Just like the others on our team, he stayed for the alluring Montana lifestyle. In the first couple of years that Howie was in the valley, he was part of the trail crew that connected the Story Mill Trail to the East Gallatin Recreation Area – the very trail that you can take straight to the brewery’s patio! 


     With a love for craft beer, he started pouring beer at a local tasting room. Before long, he shifted careers and began working as the sales rep for Madison River Brewing Company. During his tenure, MRBC skyrocketed to 4th in the state, no small feat for a state with more than 50 great breweries. He’s a Siebel Institute graduate of Beer Tasting and Styles and on the Board of Directors for the Montana Brewer’s Association.






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