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BeerSkool: Learning While Drinking

As a co-teacher of MAP’s Beer School program, let me fill you in on what it’s all about. First, a little bit of background: I’ve been attending beer school at MAP since 2018 - before I even started working here! Loy (our COO, my mentor, beer genius, and friend) inspired my love of beer, and my background in education pushed me to want to be a part of the beer school program at MAP. Plus, I get to spend extra time with Loy AND drink good beer — what else could a girl want?!

We offer three levels, each with specific objectives: 101, 102, and 201.

101: Beer Basics

Ingredients, processes, and a brewery tour finished with tasting and banter. You all get to be a part of this, but virtually!

102: Specific MAP Beer & ‘Beer Tindering’

This is a class full of tasting and matching customers to beer we think they’ll love! As we know, different people come in craving all sorts of thirst quenching brews. In this class, we foster knowledge (and some fun facts) of our beer to match, as well as we can, what the customer wants. Think the group of guys on a golf trip who want a light, crisp, crushable beer (Pat’s River Beer, anyone?!); a party of beach-goers who want a shandy or a rosè (hey, Meyer Lemon Fully Lit or our Margarita Sour!); or even a seasoned beer connoisseur who knows *exactly* what s/he is looking for. We strive to meet the needs and wants of all who come through our doors.

201: Specific Ingredients

Last quarter we did a deep dive into all things malt, including a field trip to Gallatin Valley Malt! We discussed the process of malting, the spectrum of flavors that are derived, and how to detect flavor differences. This quarter is hops (my great love), and we’re hoping to be a part of some hop harvesting this fall!

Ultimately, we’d love to get BeerSkool public, but until then you’ll have to keep up with the newsletter & our newly published blog! Thanks, as always, and…

Stay Thirsty,


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