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2022 by the Numbers

We’ve spent much of January reflecting on 2022, and as we pour over the numbers, it reminds us of how grateful we are for our team and our community. So instead of PK and Loy sitting in the office just talking about it, we thought we’d share some numbers (and gratitude) with you all.

Here’s a little slice of our 2022:

261,578 gallons of beer produced at MAP

We brewed 8438 barrels of beer last year, making 2022 our biggest year yet. Since a barrel of beer is 31 gallons, that puts us at over a quarter of a million gallons of beer made at MAP last year!

163,483 pints sold in our tasting room

We all know how that cold pint on the patio just *hits different* when that sun is setting on the Bridgers.

15,307 fried chicken sandwiches consumed

The number speaks for itself. Bozeman, you love yourself a fried chicken sammy. Our incredible kitchen crew not only slings thousands of chicken sandwiches and burgers each year but they also came up with 337 additional daily specials. AMAZING!

258 places from Emigrant to Ennis and everywhere in between to find MAP beer

Even though we’re the largest self-distributing brewery in the state of Montana, we have a relatively small footprint. Every now and then, you’ll find our beer a bit further out (Helena or Missoula or Butte) and if that’s the case, more often than not, those folks drove to Bozeman to pick it up!

989,112 cans of beer packaged

Running a canning line is a less than glorious task, but our production team kept it cranking all year, packaging almost a MILLION cans of beer this year. Midas Crush made up about 50% of that number, however getting our labeler up and running meant over the year we were able to can some of our smaller batch beers including our Mountain Days Haze, Steep Terrain, Pat’s River Beer, and of course, the Luke Skylager cans.

42 brand-new recipes made by our production team (PLUS 20 seasonal brews we brought back again this year!)

Think about that - that’s almost one BRAND NEW BEER made each week! We know that our “Big Three” (Midas Crush, STrange Cattle, and Party!) are the majority of what you see in the market, but our crew is always experimenting with new styles, ingredients, and recipes here at the brewery. In addition, we also brought back 20 seasonal favorites like High Country Haze, Fempire Strikes Back, Fully Lit Wit, and Dark Timber.

560,465 pounds of craft malt from local maltsters used

We love using local ingredients as much as we can, and in 2022, over 90% of the malt that we used in our beers was craft malt, made right here in Montana, from Montana Craft Malt in Butte and Gallatin Valley Malt in Churchill.

37 employees hit their 1 year anniversary at MAP in 2022, with 17 of those being here for 3 or more years.

We could not be more grateful for our amazing team, and over 60% of our crew hit their one-year anniversary at MAP at some point in 2022. 17 of those folks have been here for over 3 years!

It goes without saying that we could not have done any of this without our incredible team of people that keep MAP going. We also couldn’t have done this without YOU - our MAP friends and family in Bozeman and beyond. Thank you so much for your support and enjoyment of our beer in 2022. We can’t wait to see what numbers roll in this year!

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